Hiring Mangers

Hiring Managers

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) 

This is when organizations outsource parts or all of the recruitment and onboarding process. The RPO model is customized and tailored to fit the specific goals and needs of the organization.  

RPO helps you find and identify the right talent quickly. 

Benefits of RPO: 

  • Save on hiring costs & time 
  • Build a talent pool for high in-demand skills to source
  • Engage and Screen candidates at scale. 
  • Faster recruitment process 
  • Build a diverse workforce with equality and inclusion

Type of RPO models:

Recruiter on Demand:  Having access to the resources of a global recruiter who understands your business and the internal processes. This helps address spikes in hiring, new launches and other growth initiatives.  

Selective RPO: Taking a part in the organizations recruiting needs. Many hiring managers outsource the screening process or the talent pool management.

Full Service RPO: This is the end-to-end solution that covers their recruiting process (sourcing, screening, interviews and hiring etc)

&connect 7-step Process:

Tailored for your requirements, this quantifiable skills evaluation process works to customize your requirements so that the right candidates are selected in alignment with your organization.

    1. &connect Profiler
    2. Client Interview
    3. Feedback
    4. Orientation
    5. Offer
    6. Start Assignment
    7. Quality Program

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