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Save time and money with staffing agencies: Here is why

The workforce transformation that occurred in 2020 has greatly accelerated digitization which creates automated processes and enables better accessibility. The great rehire is already in motion and that means more jobs are being created than eliminated and this trend continues to increase. 

It is time-consuming for hiring managers to deal with complex hiring processes from reviewing resumes, rounds of interviewing applicants and negotiating the salaries and packages for successful candidates. This doesn’t include other day-to-day tasks that hiring managers also have to do. 

The common myths with staffing agencies: 

High Cost 

Many employers from small to midsize businesses believe that staffing agencies are costly. It’s much cheaper to hire someone on their own than to pay more. The average time to hire someone takes about 4+ weeks for a position that is open to external candidates.

When you factor in the time to create the job postings, run the ads, phone interviews and screening, rounds of interviews, reference checks etc, it’s very time-consuming and that costs money. 

Unqualified candidates: 

Another myth is that staffing agencies only hire employees that are less skilled or unable to be employed at other companies. This is far from the truth, there are many employees that have qualifications that exceed their jobs or they are already employed and exploring other opportunities.

Agencies don’t care about job satisfaction 

Trust-based relationships are the bedrock of success, if the job retention is not long, this reflection on the agency affects the relationship between the agency and the employer, including the candidate. At &connect we collaborate with the employer to make sure they find the perfect candidates. We make it a priority to ensure that this, your success is also our success.

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