Retain your best people

How to retain the best people in your company

It’s not just talking but walking the walk. People always often talk about the Googles of the world where they got candy machines, ping pong tables, etc. You can’t just replicate that! Those are signs of a much deeper culture where there’s flexibility.


 Inherent what’s built into that is trust. I trust you that I don’t have to watch every second of that you’re on the clock, I trust that you’re going to, but the hours in and you’re going to contribute. When you show trust in the right people, they feel part of the team, they feel empowered and they want to prove to you and to others, that they’re worthy of that trust. It goes back to hiring the right people. 

Mission statement: 

Organizations that have success are not just about the mission statement. Every company building I’ve ever walked into is probably in the thousands. They’ve got a nice little plaque in the lobby with a mission statement. And that’s great. It’s a great starting point. But my question would be those words on that little plaque, are they living it? If I went around that organization talked to 1000 employees, 100 employees, 10 employees, would they say, that are living out those values. 


Nobody’s perfect. Because, you know, the vision or mission statement for the company is somewhat aspirational. But are we working towards that? Are we at a place that I would want my brother and sister to come work for? When you get right down to it, those are just words on a plaque. So for this to work, it’s more than just having a thought you have to live it, you got to embody it. You need leadership that believes, shows trust in your people and gives them the tools right.  


David McCorkill brings over 35 years of consulting experience from leadership development, employee engagement to recruitment. He shares his insights on retaining your best people and the key ingredients that lead to success.


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