Top 5 trending jobs of 2022

The global regions with some of the strongest hiring prospects in USA, Canada and India with over 40% in growth. According to MEOS Q4 2021,69% of employers cannot find the skills that need to fill their roles and the talent shortage is showing no signs of slowing down. 

Here are the top 5 trending jobs 

Account Manager:

They serve as the intermediary between the companies and customers. Developing and maintaining strong relationships and addressing the customer’s needs as quickly and effectively as they are possible. 

Software Developer: 

The demand for this role continues to increase as the digitization process accelerates across industries. Technical strategies and solutions from creating apps to developing or maintaining software. While there are many languages, the most essential ones are  Java, JavaScript, Python and C++. 

Marketing Manager: 

High demand for marketing jobs to gain an edge over competitors with advertising and navigating the various forms of marketing that are both online and offline. This includes an umbrella of skills from social media, Copywriting, SEO and PPC. 

Registered Nurse:  

There is a high demand for healthcare work due to the shortages caused by the pandemic. In addition to job security, there are competitive salaries and benefits to attract more nurses, especially in rural areas. 

Truck Driver: 

Truck drivers are the backbones that keep the economy running. As the demand for consumer goods and raw materials increase, the demand for truck drivers also increases. Whether it is commercial vehicles or local.

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